Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Challenge

I accepted the challenge, through a coworker, to complete a 5x5 canvas as a fundraiser for the Ozark Center for the Arts. The parameters were wide open with the only requirement being to keep it to 5x5. The art works will be hung at a gala event and then will be available for sale. You can see that I need more work on my photography skills, although in my defense this picture was taken on the fly by my daughter-in-law who was on her way out the door. My camera just wouldn't work and I was going to have to turn the project in the next day. And since I'm still a complete novice on manipulating photos in my computer, I just had to go with what I had in the interests of getting something posted on this blog.

I did not start with any idea in mind. Well, actually, I have a ton of ideas; I just can't seem to get them to gell into any kind of style. I broke out my unfamiliar acrylics and just started painting and wiping and adding and drying and gessoing and wiping some more until I ended up with something that spoke to me, however faintly. Then I experimented with the edge-of-a-credit card trick to add some line interest. I wanted to work with the wire mesh and try a little beeswax, too. The leaf was found in a book of stamps a friend gave me that she had collected when she was a young girl. It was probably pressed into the book in the late 50's and I was happy to spruce it up with a gold leafing pen and give it a new home. You can't go wrong with nature.

I do like the way it turned out and I think will appeal to a certain part of the population although it really seems uninspired to me. Perhaps I'm expecting too much of myself in this beginning stage of my artistic journey. I want all my wild ideas to come out fully formed still forgetting the advice of a piano teacher many (many, many!) years ago. She sensed my frustration at the keyboard because, while I was hearing every song I was playing with full orchestration and ruffles and flourishes, I did not have the expertise (nor as I've decided, the ability) to make my fingers generate the music I was hearing in my head. I had to accept the fact then that it would take many hours of practice to get to some real musicality. I shouldn't expect any more in this creative venue.

One step at a time....back to work.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Distant Second

How has three months passed since my first excited posting on this blog? At that inaugural moment it felt like all things were possible and that I was off on a new exciting road. Obviously I didn't figure on all the mental roadblocks I would run into.

My new grandson is living and growing in a city three hours away so there are only infrequent brief visits. I am defining my role as grandma as I go along because it's not (and never will be) what I had always imagined it would be. I am enjoying watching him change week by week from afar and looking forward to the days when he will show us his own special personality and we can interact with each other.

Meanwhile I'm preparing for my first artist's retreat in Wisconsin in October. I took the leap and signed on to the chunky book exchange offered and was required to do 43 pages of 4x4 art. That was a good choice on my part since it forced me by having a deadline to actually do some art, to push me past my almost terminal procrastination. I sent them off to the "bookbinder" yesterday which has left me a little hollow-feeling until I start on something else. I have plenty of things to do; it's just a matter of doing it!

Hopefully I can use this blog to keep me moving forward, in my writing and in my art. I guess I'll also have to beef up my scant computer and photography skills so that I can post some pictures on here to make it more interesting.

That's what life is all about. Learning and growing and taking it day by day. Keep on keeping on...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Day-First Blog

Welcome Jackson Andrew! A day of firsts--The first day on my first blog, my first grandson's first day. We're still in the hospital taking turns holding him. I have to make the most of my moments because they're taking him away in two days. My son will start his first day on his first job in another city since he graduated with his MBA just a couple of weeks ago. They've (my sons) convinced me to start my own blog, which I'm doing for the first time using a laptop. Welcome me to the 21st Century!